Cover Your Hole!

As the sights and sounds are waining from this holiday season, a few memories still linger like the sound of a shrill voice yelling “Cover your hole!” For most Americans the holidays are sprinkled with the forced get togethers of family. Is it any wonder that Thanksgiving Eve is right behind St. Patty’s day for top drinking holidays?

In my family a particular relative has taken the self proclaimed position of etiquette police. And thus the evening is filled with the random ear piercing “Cover your hole!” shriek every time someone is caught chewing with their mouth open.

Oddly enough, there is some truth to Aunt Beth’s rants of, “Cover your hole!”

  • In Staten Island, a 15-year-old girl fell into an open manhole while the city workers were doing maintenance.
  • In Gilbert, AZ, a construction worker fell into an open trench while walking backwards out of an apartment.
  • In Spring Township, PA, a jogger fell into a trench 15’ deep on a pipeline project even though the road was closed and barricaded.
  • Or, Jackie Moore, a 4-year-old girl, who went to play in her back yard. A trench was left open after the contractor left for the day, it collapsed, she never made it out.

Suddenly Aunt Beth’s shrieks of etiquette violations sound a little more like sage advice.

Every time you leave the job, back fill, secure or plate your open Trenches.

Cover your Hole!

From the Trenches
Chris Allen