Hydraulic Vertical Shoring

What is a Hydraulic Vertical Shore?

It is a lightweight aluminum shoring device used in trenches and excavations. Because it is a hydraulic system, it is easy to install and can be set up by one person. This saves time and money. It is available in different heights and is fully customizable for almost any situation. Just because they are lightweight doesn’t mean they aren’t tough, and they will stand up to considerable force.

Why use hydraulic vertical shoring? One person can install the hydraulic vertical shoring from the top of the trench, keeping pace with the excavation being dug. After pressure is applied to the sides of the trench using a hydraulic vertical shore, the hydraulic shoring acts to prevent a trench collapse, as opposed to an Ultra Shore or any standard trench box that would only act as protection in the event of a cave-in.

Other Benefits of Hydraulic Vertical Shoring:

  • Can be easily transported to the job site in the back of a pick-up truck
  • Cost can be significantly lower than a trench box
  • Designed for use around crossing utilities

On the downside, if you decide to go with this option, there is a learning curve. Generally speaking, if the operators are comfortable with this system, they love it and want nothing else. If they are not comfortable with how to use it, the shoring system will often go unused. That is why it is important that you purchase your equipment from a reputable source. Allen Trench Safety is here long after the sale to answer questions. Excellent customer service is one of the core values of our company and separates us from the competition.

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