Let’s Go Shopping!

“Let’s go shopping…” Ahhh, the three little words my wife loves to hear.

Every year around the holidays my wife and I take a little jaunt over to Dundee, Michigan to visit the largest Cabela’s in our neck of the woods. After accumulating a year’s worth of Cabela’s points it’s our way of treating ourselves to a shopping spree and a great chance to check a few Christmas gifts off our list.

This is the type of shopping even I can enjoy. But let’s face it; there are plenty of other shopping categories I try to avoid like a Black Friday Wal-Mart stampede.

Grocery shopping…

Clothes shopping with my wife…

Christmas shopping for my pain-in-the-you-know-what relatives…

Tedious, time consuming, exhausting, it’s enough to make a man disappear into the woods and not surface until New Year’s.

Allen Trench Safety Online StoreHere in the trench safety field, we are some of the worst at offering a pleasant shopping experience.

Who wants to take hours of their work day leaving messages, playing phone tag, looking for answers, waiting for quotes, just to buy a couple of spreaders?

After spending all day working in the heat or the cold, who wants to go home, look up a shoring company online, search for a phone number, call, only to find the company closed at 5:00 pm!

For a long time this has been the norm.

Well, here, at Allen Trench Safety, we’re saying, “NO! MORE!” and hereby, we respect your right to shop in your underwear…at home…at night…with a refreshing beverage of your choice in hand!

We’re saying “NO MORE!” to a shopping experience that has been antiquated and difficult for far too long, and we’re rolling out our brand new Online Shopping Cart where you can by Ultra-Shore spreaders and accessories, hydraulic vertical shores, hydraulic pumps, and tools, 24/7 with just a few quick clicks, a credit card and no need to call.

Think of us as the Wal-Mart (Or Amazon???) of trench safety, giving you what you want, when you want it.

So stop on by www.allentrenchsafety.com today and hit up our online shopping page.

Let’s go shopping!

Pants or no pants? We’ll leave it up to you!