Mistakes, Heartaches, and Prom Queens

Fork-Lift-old-and-broke-downIn the back of the lot, in an obscure area, behind a pile of pallets sits a reminder. A shrine, if you will, to bad mistakes and a lot of lost money.

Six or so years ago I was in need of a forklift, one bigger than what I had. One that could, say, move larger trench boxes without someone riding on the back to balance out the weight…not that that ever happened. The problem was, forklifts cost a lot of money.

So I did the wise thing, I called a friend in the business and asked him what he recommended. He told me that at their eight locations they try to keep all their forklifts the same and gave me the name and size of the forklift that works best for them.

Armed with this new info I went out and did the opposite. The price was too high!  Surely I could find a better way! At first it looked like, once again, I had beaten the system. I had scored the date with the proverbial Prom Queen.

The new lift (new only to me) could do it all and life was great for three months but then the engine started to act up, and I was in for a major repair bill. Even so, I was still under the cost of what I would have spent if I had followed my friend’s advice. That is until the second major breakdown when the main shaft inside the axle sheared off. To my dismay it could not be repaired due to the age of the older machine. I got such a great deal but replacement parts were nowhere to be found. I ended up spending 90% of what the recommended forklift would have cost for six months of frustration and heartache, only to have to go back and pony up for a newer model.

I know I’m not the only one that makes these mistakes so I take solace in good company. And that is also why we here at Allen Trench Safety have a trade in program for trench boxes.

Don’t let those mistakes (a box too heavy or way too difficult to put together) keep you from getting the equipment you need to keep your guys safe. If it’s not simple and easy to use they will not use it.

So if you thought you had a date with the Prom Queen only to end up going to the dance alone, sitting on the sidelines, drinking punch, saying, “I should have…”, let us put a spring back in your step and get those feet dancing again.

At Allen Trench Safety we get the cost of bad mistakes. Send me some pictures of the box causing you all the heartache and maybe we can turn your bad mistake into the box of your dreams.