Saying Thanks for Living the Dream

When I sat down to write this post I struggled to find the perfect way to tie together all the happenings of the last month here at Allen Trench Safety.
The trench fatality that happened with a father and son working together on a sewer lateral, a weekend project with life time implications.

Next there was the trench rescue training we had the opportunity to do with fire departments from all over the east coast using Ultra-Shore in a quick response shoring application.

And then there is the fast approaching Thanksgiving holiday…how can I tie it all together?

Looking at my calendar and realizing another year is almost over, one more item of great significance caught my attention…Veterans Day!

How can one give thanks without acknowledging the price that was paid?

You see, I’m living the American Dream! Having the opportunity to open my own business has taken hard work and sacrifice…a lot of sacrifice. But each veteran that was willing to put their dreams on hold to fight for my freedom and security has offered that opportunity to me on a silver platter.

For some, their sacrifice continues to last a lifetime. Others had their life cut short in an ultimate act of service to their country and to me.

So from the depths of our hearts here at Allen Trench Safety we say, Thank You.

And to show our thanks we are offering a $50.00 gift card to the first five veterans that email me with their military ID or their DD-214.

Amidst all that’s happening here this fall, on Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving Day too, it’s our way of pausing for a moment, removing our hardhats, and saying, Thanks. Enjoy a steak or a frosty beverage on us, and let us thank you once again for the chance to live the American Dream.

Living the Dream,

From the Trenches,
Chris Allen