She’s Got Legs…

And she knows how to use them…

Ahh, the immortal words of ZZ Top.

Let’s face it, a nice set of legs can turn heads from many feet away. Legs come in all shapes and sizes adding to the spice of life. Movie lines, songs lyrics, and photos have all been dedicated to legs.

Who can forget the famous leg moment in, A Christmas Story, where young Ralphie refers to his father’s leg lamp, (a major award), as “the warm glow of electric sex.”

So in like fashion we are dedicating this posting to legs.

Now our legs are just a little bit different than what you might see walking down Main Street America. These legs come in sets of 4 and stand 36” high. There are three holes for adjustment that start at 12” and glide right on up to 24”.

Flexibility could be described as one of the main benefits allowing you 2’ under your Ultra Shore trench box. (As stated in OSHA 1926.652(g)(2), allowing 2’ under a trench box as long as the soil is stable.)

So for the love of legs, we here at Allen Trench Safety, are lifting a leg to you and offering FREE Leg Kits with every purchase of an Ultra Shore box for the week of Valentine’s, February 12-16th.

You can take the $180.00 in savings and spend it on, well, let’s say your wife…or significant other.

IF they question your gesture of love, well then, you can tell them it’s from me.

In the Trenches,

Chris Allen