Testimonials about our UltraShore trench boxes and trench box rentals

Over the years, Allen Trench Safety has had the honor of supplying a large number of customers with high-quality UltraShore trench boxes and trench box rentals. Continually working to deliver products that are versatile, convenient, and safe, we strive to meet – and exceed – every customer’s expectations. Whether you’re contacting us for a quote or inquiring about the quality of our UltraShore trench boxes, you can always count on us to respond quickly, courteously, and with the information you need. Below, you will find testimonials left for us by a range of customers working in a range of industries, from local plumbers to underground contractors.

I received Shoring and it has been working great for us. Thank you all for the quick response. Kept me informed when it was ready for shipment and they were interested to see if we received the Shoring on time great customer service. It was nice working with you all greatly appreciated.
Bobby B.
The Knowledgeable and professional staff at Allen Trench Safety Corp where a pleasure to work with. There was always someone ready to help answer any questions that I had. The quality of all the products purchased was outstanding. Delivery was fast and we where putting the trench box to good use in no time at all. I would highly recommend Allen Trench Safety for anyone needing a high quality trench box.
Sergio L.
Everyone at Allen Trench Safety are amazing! Quick response with quotes, contacting, delivery and follow up. Chris and Katie were exceptionally professional. Thank you both for ALL of your work. Keep up the great work and amazing products!
John L.
Best investment I have made!
Very knowledgeable staff and great customer service with a great product.
Justin K.
It’s a good piece of equipment.
Prairie City, Iowa
The equipment has performed great. We have put it in the ground 20+ times since purchase and we have no complaints but, that we wish we would have purchased sooner!
We received equipment promptly and ended up having it on site for a water main break within six hours of receiving it.
York, NE
That 4×5 is one tough box!
Lebanon, Illinois
The guys love it!
Albany, NY
Katie made it really easy for us. We got set up with an account so we could use a PO. They followed up with us after the sale to make sure we were completely satisfied and were available to answer any question we might have. All in all a good a experience for us compared to some that we've had with other companies that made us jump through hoops to get what we needed.
Bill P.
Allen Trench Safety Corp. is a great company to do business with. Katie and Chris were very professional. They are knowledgeable about the products and recommended the perfect trench boxes for my business application. The purchase price was fantastic and the product shipped to my location in 4 days. I will not hesitate to order from this company again in the future. Do yourself and your company a favor; order your trenching box needs from Allen Trench Safety Corp.
Diana L.
Cape Coral, Florida
We, Shakopee Public Utilities just recently purchased some shoring equipment from them. They were so helpful in helping us identify what would best suit our needs. They answered every question we had and feel very confident we made the right choice/purchase.
Eddie Z.
Shakopee, Minnesota
Great company to deal with and a great product! Ordered on Friday and my shipment arrived on Wednesday! Couldn’t be any more pleased!
Marty W.
Cuba City, Wisconsin
We purchased an Ultrashore box from Allen trench just recently and am extremely pleased with the quality of the product. The crews love the fact it is lightweight and easily transported. They use it daily. Katie, from Allen Trench was extremely helpful and great to work with. If you do underground work ,big or small , I would recommend giving their products a look at.
Paul T.
Katie was so easy to work with. Very helpful getting us the right parts and best shipping rate. Thank you.
Corie L.
Katie and Chris always take such good care of us! Quick Quotes and Quick Delivery! Quality Products.
Wesley J.
I work for a municipal water dept in NY state and much of our work involves underground utility repairs. The safety of the crew is our primary concern. Fixing the issues and restoring the services to the customers is equally important. With limited staff, and many times limited space, we have found the UltraShore trench box is perfect for our needs. The ability to transport it in a pickup truck is great. It is easy to assemble and to move around as needed. Service with Allen Trench has been a pleasure and delivery is very prompt. I highly recommend the folks for their dedication to the customer!
Seth W.
We love our UltraShore boxes!
Bath, Ohio
From the first time I went on Allen Trench Safety and viewed the shoring I liked it. So I called the phone number on the web site, not thinking about the time difference from Washington state to Michigan state (3 Hours), but the owner of the company answered the phone and was more than happy to help. He was very knowledgeable about the product and the uses of it. When we hung up the phone I knew the only thing left to do was show others in our Department and it would be a great product and take care of our needs. The following day a representative from Allen Trench safety called and was able to answer any other questions. The Allen Trench Safety Team was great to work with from start to end. We are also very happy with how easy it is to set up and move around! Thank you, Allen trench Safety.
Aberdeen, Washington