Aluminum Buildable Trench Boxes

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Why Trench Boxes?

It’s simple. So every one goes home at night… But simple does not make it easy. The truth is, every time a trench is opened the risks multiply.

From underground utilities, unstable soil, flowing water, hazardous vibrations, to adjacent loads the risks multiply so much the federal government mandated that after a depth of 5′ a protective system must be put in place. This is where the Aluminum buildable Trench Box will come into play!

Let us help you get the right box for your job.


After 18 years in the shoring industry the stories seem to have a similar start to them. “I was in a cave-in once.” In fact, during my talks on excavation safety, I commonly ask, “Of the workers here, the men in the trenches, how many have been in a cave-in?” It is always around 30%.

When selecting a trench box there are many things to keep in mind, such as transport, assembly time, weight, depth rating, and pipe clearance. And always keep in mind you will never find one box that will work for every excavation which is why we carry boxes ranging from 160 to 12,000 lbs.

The Aluminum Buildable Trench Box: Practical and Flexible!

  • Designed for use with lite-weight excavators
  • End kits for 3 and 4 sided protection available as well as leg kits
  • Leg kits allow 2’ under box
  • Especially helpful for municipalities and contractors working with rubber tired backhoe/loaders and smaller excavators for utility projects
  • Light enough it can be transported by pick up
  • Can be used in excavations up to 12’ wide using a variety of spreader types
  • Ideal for gas, sewer and water taps
  • The system can be used as a 2, 3 or 4 sided configuration
  • Allows equipment to sink with excavation depth as panels are added until necessary depth is achieved



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Tab Data Downloads: A42F7; S48-120; S48-144