Make Easy Changes with Aluminum Trench Boxes

Trenching and shoring operations may need changes from day to day, and aluminum trench boxes are the perfect solution when this happens. As you dig along a section of pipe, move from trench to trench in a small area, require a trench box to be moved for better protection, and more, your team will be glad they have an aluminum trench box on the site rather than heavy steel equipment.

Allen Trench Safety Corp. offers aluminum trench boxes that allow for simple construction on a worksite, a lightweight option of protection, and a dependable build that has stood the test of time in a variety of applications.

Easy maneuverability

One of the biggest benefits offered to those who choose aluminum trench boxes for their jobsite is simple maneuverability of their equipment. If you work in the trenching industry, you know that as the operation goes along, the need to move your equipment may become necessary. The lightweight, convenient design of aluminum trench boxes make them a versatile and easy-to-manage piece of equipment, no matter how many times your trench box needs to be relocated.

Allen Trench Safety’s aluminum trench boxes are light enough that they can be assembled, installed, and relocated carefully by just two people. This makes for an easy operation that creates almost no downtime when working on the site.

No machinery needed

With a trench box that is so easy to manage, an aluminum trench box operation is one that does not need heavy duty machinery to maneuver the trench box. This is a huge benefit to those in the trenching and shoring industry, as they can save on time and money for training of heavy machinery, save on costs for renting or investing in heavy machinery, reduce the risks involved on a jobsite with machinery, and more.

Aluminum trench boxes from Allen Trench Safety Corp. provide a simple, easy solution for any worksite. With a proven history of protecting workers when it matters most, our aluminum trench boxes allow you to be hands-on without spending unnecessarily on heavy equipment.

Easy to store, easy to transport, and easy to manage on a jobsite, the aluminum trench boxes that Allen Trench Safety offers are the best option for any trenching and shoring operation. If you want to add in a quality piece of equipment that has been trusted by others for years, contact our team today!