Push for Safety on the Job by Investing in a Trench Box for Sale

When you are looking for a way to bring guaranteed safety to your jobsite, consider a trench box for sale from Allen Trench Safety Corp. Protecting workers while in hazardous situations is important in any job, and the trench boxes at Allen Trench are one simple way for you to bring certified safety to the jobsite to make sure that everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.

A lightweight trench box for sale

Just because you can work safer on the job does not mean that you should have to work harder. When you get a trench box for sale from Allen Trench Safety Corp., you can select an UltraShore trench box, a hardy, but lightweight option that makes bringing your gear to and from a jobsite easier than other options. Crafted out of dependable corrugated aluminum, they can provide protection in trenches up to 12 feet deep, but weigh hundreds of pounds less that some of the other options of equipment that you could have otherwise. This means that even as few as two people can lower your panels into an excavation, offering safety without the strain.

Quick and easy assembly

Need to save space while transporting your trench box? No problem! The UltraShore trench box we sell can also be broken down to allow transport in even the smallest of vehicles to and from a site. And, just because it can be more easily transported does not mean you lose out on any of the strength offered by it down in the dirt. The parallel shield panel system used by this trench box has been tested again and again and will dependably protect you and your workers in the ground.

Offering a large selection of UltraShore trench boxes, hydraulic vertical shores, and more, Allen Trench Safety Corp. has everything you need to push safety on the job. Invest in worker safety today by investing in a trench box for sale from Allen Trench.