Six Industries that Could Benefit from Allen Trench Boxes

Trenches are necessary in a number of different fields to ensure that work is done properly. Without proper reinforcement, these trenches pose a risk to your employees and equipment. Unstable soil can collapse, burying and/or damaging tools and possibly injuring workers. Allen Trench Safety can provide you with durable yet lightweight trench boxes that will allow your employees to complete their work safely and efficiently. In today’s post, we will talk about a half dozen industries that can benefit from the high quality trench boxes from Allen Trench Safety.

Construction: Before the walls can be raised, there is a lot of work that needs to be done underground on any construction project. From the foundation to utility work, like sewer lines, water pipes, electrical cables, telecommunications cables, and more, with trench boxes in place, your workers can safely get the job done right the first time.

Civil Engineering: Large projects like road and bridge construction and infrastructure development require trench work to ensure underground utilities and drainage systems are installed properly. Trench boxes will allow workers to get their work done more quickly, keeping these time-sensitive projects on schedule.

Pipeline Construction: Pipelines that are used for the transportation of oil, natural gas, water, and other liquids need to be installed with a strict attention to detail. With trench boxes in place, workers can focus on the task at hand without worrying about soil and dirt collapsing and contaminating the pipes.

Utilities Maintenance: Whether installing, repairing, or upgrading utilities, your workers will benefit from having trench boxes in place to keep your workers safe and ensure that the water, sewage, electricity, or other utilities are working properly without issue.

Landscaping and Irrigation: Drainage systems, irrigation lines, or all sorts of underground wiring require trenches for proper installation. Trench boxes will fortify these trenches to make the work quicker and safer.

Archaeology: Archaeologists dig trenches in order to try finding historical artifacts. With our sturdy trench boxes in place, archaeologists can do their work without any setbacks from the soil collapsing onto the artifacts they are trying to excavate.

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