Stay in OSHA Compliance with Aluminum Trench Boxes

Safety is paramount when it comes to completing trench work. One wrong move and the trench can collapse, resulting in buried tools, equipment, or even workers in extreme cases. Not only does this result in a waste of time digging all the stuff out, but it could also result in injury to one of your workers, which you never want. Allen Trench Safety can provide you with aluminum trench boxes that will ensure the safety of your workers in any sort of trench work environment. The heavy duty trench boxes are strong enough to protect your workers, yet lightweight enough to be set-up by one or two people. Did you also know that our trench boxes will help keep your business in compliance with OSHA and other guidelines? In today’s post, we will discuss the many benefits of trusting Allen Trench Safety to protect your trench workers.

Trench and Shoring Guidelines

Trench workers deserve to work in a safe environment. Allen Trench Safety offers the best trench safety equipment on the market. No matter what sort of trench work you do, you can count on these trench boxes to keep your workers protected while also maintaining compliance with OSHA guidelines, including:

  • Trenches that are 5 feet or deeper must have a protective system in place, except for cases in which the excavation is entirely made of stable rock.
  • For trenches that are 20 feet or deeper, the protective system used must be either designed by a registered professional engineer, or based on the tabulated date prepared and/or approved by a registered professional engineer to be in accordance with 1926.652(b) and (c).
  • Trenches must be inspected daily by a competent person to prevent excavation hazards as conditions change through the process.

OSHA Guidelines

Protect Your Workers While Making the Job Easier

Unlike other products that are cumbersome and difficult to deal with, aluminum trench boxes from Allen Trench Safety are lightweight and easy to use. Made from a durable yet lightweight aluminum, our trench boxes can be put in place by one or two people, decreasing the time needed to get to work. Once the job is done, the trench boxes can easily be transported in the back of a standard pickup truck or small trailer. This makes for a more efficient operation and reduced chance of soil collapses that cause all sorts of issues. Contact us for more information about trench boxes from Allen Trench Safety.