We received equipment promptly and ended up having it on site for a water main break within six hours of receiving it.

Aaron from York, NE

The guys love it!

Tommy from Albany, NY

It’s a good piece of equipment.

Erne from Prairie City, IA

We love our Ultra-Shore boxes!

Paul from Bath, OH

That 4×5 is one tough box!

Scott from Lebanon, IL

From the first time I went on Allen Trench Safety.com and viewed the shoring I liked it. So I called the phone number on the web site, not thinking about the time difference from Washington state to Michigan state (3 Hours), but the owner of the company answered the phone and was more than happy to help. He was very knowledgeable about the product and the uses of it. When we hung up the phone I knew the only thing left to do was show others in our Department and it would be a great product and take care of our needs. The following day a representative from Allen Trench safety called and was able to answer any other questions. The Allen Trench Safety Team was great to work with from start to end. We are also very happy with how easy it is to set up and move around! Thank you, Allen trench Safety.

Dale from Aberdeen, WA