Tips for Winter When Using a Trench Box for Rent

Winter trenching and shoring brings the usual risks that need to be considered, but trench boxes for rent can help anyone get proper safety where it’s needed. Despite the safety that a trench box brings, there are additional risks that can be considered before going down in the dirt during the winter.

Allen Trench Safety Corp. can provide a trench box for rent for any customer that needs to work in a trench during the winter and know that they won’t need to be concerned about a collapse. Our team are experts in the business of trenching and shoring, so we have compiled a list of risks beyond just collapses that workers should be aware of when working in winter to work more safely.

1. Watch for freezing water

When working in a trench, moisture is usually a risk anyway because it creates more distressed soil, which may cause the soil to collapse more easily. However, in winter, any water that makes its way into the worksite is at the mercy of the temperature, meaning you can end up with ice in the trench. This both makes for a difficult surface to maintain balance on, as well as creates a hard surface that can be dangerous to fall onto.

2. Protect from dropping temperatures

Beyond the standard safety gear that is used when trenching and shoring, it is important in winter to bundle up appropriately for the job. Extended hours out in the cold can become dangerous without the proper insulation and protection against the elements. This is especially true when working it a trench involving water lines, where waterproof gear can mean the difference between hypothermia and a protected worker.

3. Don’t mix moisture and wiring

With workers moving around in confined space, they’re sure to generate heat in the cold. When this happens, any snow that has accumulated may melt, which is a bad mixture when you’re working with wiring. Any municipal projects that involve electrical components should be carefully navigated when moisture from snow becomes involved.

With winter getting into full swing, it is important to consider these safety tips and to take advantage of a trench box for rent from Allen Trench Safety Corp. when you want to work in the ground. Contact our team today to learn more about trenching and shoring during the winter or to talk to us about the trench boxes we have available!