Utilize an UltraShore Trench Box for Safer Operations Anywhere

Rather than trust that the ground will cooperate with your operation, you can guarantee safety for workers getting down in the ground by utilizing an UltraShore trench box from Allen Trench Safety Corp. Those working in construction or municipality work know that when new building construction is needed, there are plenty of opportunities for trenches to be used to set water piping, gas lines, and more, and Allen Trench Safety Corp. can provide the proper safety equipment whenever your business needs it for this type of work.

From homes to offices

Whether it is a residential construction project for new home construction, or a large corporate office being built, an UltraShore trench box from Allen Trench Safety Corp. ensures that everyone on the jobsite working in the ground stays safe. Our team has provided quality trench boxes to a large variety of jobsites over the years, and we can provide the best trench for your purposes. We care about worker safety, and the UltraShore trench boxes that we can provide are one way that we can help to make sure that everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.

UltraShore trench box versatility

Not only do UltraShore trench boxes provide your worksites with a better way to work safely in the ground, but they also provide versatility for this safety. This means that your trench box can serve a variety of situations, making it useful from jobsite to jobsite, or even at the same area that may have different needs for different parts of the construction. With the capability to be used horizontally or vertically, stacked on one another, and a strong enough frame to be buried up to 12 feet in even class ā€œCā€ soils, there is almost no limit to what your trench box can provide for a jobsite.

Offering equipment that is easy to manage and provides additional safety to any jobsite it is brought to, Allen Trench Safety Corp. has everything needed for working in the ground. Check out our UltraShore trench box today and see how it can help your business!