Why Choose UltraShore Aluminum Trench Boxes from Allen Trench Safety

UltraShore aluminum trench boxes from Allen Trench Safety promote safety for workers who are “in the trenches.” There are many serious hazards created every time a trench is opened, including unstable soil, underground utilities, vibrations, flowing water, and adjacent loads. Because of these serious hazards, the federal government has created regulations that say a protective system must be put in place after a depth of five feet. So, why choose UltraShore aluminum trench boxes?

UltraShore aluminum trench boxes are light, easy to maneuver and use, and extremely durable. These trench boxes, composed of specially corrugated aluminum, provide protection for workers in trenches that are up to twelve feet deep! Despite this amazing capability, UltraShore aluminum trench boxes are easier to use and weigh hundreds of pounds less than competing shoring products.

UltraShore aluminum trench boxes are incredibly versatile with panels that are usable both horizontally and vertically as well as being stackable. Our trench boxes can also be used as parallel shield panels or in vee or wedge configurations. Using spring-loaded, quick release end closure panels, you can close of one or both ends. While still being strong and durable, stacked assemblies of two panels are lightweight and can be lowered by just two people. The low weight and ease of assembly means that our trench boxes are convenient, only requiring a small pickup truck to transport.

With over 18 years in the shoring industry, the team at Allen Trench Safety has learned that far too many workers, around 30 percent, have been in a cave-in. This is unacceptable and easily avoided with the use of an UltraShore aluminum trench box. To learn more about your options and available accessories, we encourage you to browse the rest of our site.