Work on Long-Term Projects with a Professional Shoring Box

When projects are being planned, and seem like they will take a long time, a professional shoring box can increase efficiency of the project by bringing safety where it matters most on a jobsite. As those in the construction industry know, some projects that require digging into the ground can require work in the ground for weeks to as long as a few months.

By using a professional shoring box, these projects can stay in the ground to work for extended periods of time, without concern of a trench failing and collapsing on those within.

Built to last the long-term

Despite their lightweight and simple design, the shoring boxes that Allen Trench Safety Corp. provides can give any jobsite the added safety they need for the duration of their build for any project. The strong aluminum panels and efficient design means simple setup with a guaranteed hold each time you use them in the ground. This also means that projects that take extended periods of time can depend on Allen Trench shoring equipment to hold strong throughout the project.

The lightweight design instead allows for easy installation and removal once the project is started or completed, or if it needs to be moved throughout the course of the project.

Always available for projects

When you need shoring boxes to work on long term projects, you can always find them with Allen Trench Safety Corp. With our very own line of trenching and shoring equipment, our team always has options available for customers who are interested in bringing more safety to their ground digging projects. By keeping a large stock of trenching and shoring boxes available, long-term projects have the resources necessary to get done quicker.

By getting the right equipment when and where you need it, shoring projects can be completed with no downtime because of trench collapses or injuries because of them. If you have a project planned, a shoring box is always available with Allen Trench.

With decades of experience in the trenching and shoring industry, Allen Trench Safety Corp. has the reliable products and services that construction companies can count on for their long-term projects. If you are planning a project and in need of quality equipment to keep workers safe while trenching or shoring, reach out and get started on your order for a quality trenching or shoring box today!