Talking Hydraulic Vertical Shores with Chris Allen

We recently uploaded a few new videos about hydraulic vertical shores to our YouTube channel. Committed to ensuring that our customers are fully comfortable with their new trench safety equipment, we are continually looking for ways to educate and inform. Whether we’re writing blog posts about UltraShore trench boxes or we’re creating video walkthroughs, you […]

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Keep Your Workers Safe with UltraShore Trench Boxes

If you’re looking to keep your workers safe, you’ve undoubtedly looked into the advantages of UltraShore trench boxes. Designed by a contractor, for contractors, these trench boxes are rightfully considered the most durable, flexible, and lightweight trench safety products on the market. Constructed from aluminum, two people are able to transport, place, and position them […]

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A Few Videos on Prepping and Assembling Your Hydraulic Vertical Shores

Allen Trench Safety is committed to offering the industry’s best trench safety products, including aluminum trench boxes and hydraulic vertical shores. With the learning curve involved in using vertical shores, we wanted to ensure that our customers were fully educated, not just on their benefits but on how they are used. Flexible and focused on […]

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Protect Your Employees by Knowing OSHA’s Trench Safety Requirements

For those new to worksite trenching and trench safety requirements or for anyone needing a refresher, the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) provides a simple and useful Fact Sheet on Trenching and Excavating Safety. You can always find additional information on OSHA requirements at their website, here. First and […]

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Why Choose UltraShore Aluminum Trench Boxes from Allen Trench Safety

UltraShore aluminum trench boxes from Allen Trench Safety promote safety for workers who are “in the trenches.” There are many serious hazards created every time a trench is opened, including unstable soil, underground utilities, vibrations, flowing water, and adjacent loads. Because of these serious hazards, the federal government has created regulations that say a protective […]

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