UltraShore 4x7 Modified Trench Box with 54 inch Spreaders

Take a Load Off Your Work with a Light-Weight Trench Box

When you’re working in the ground deep enough that you have any fears of a collapse, Allen Trench Safety Corp. can provide the protection you need with a light-weight trench box. Easy to set up and perfect for utility projects, the light-weight aluminum trench boxes from Allen Trench are the excavation system you’ve been looking […]

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Learn the Benefits of Using an Aluminum Trench Box from Allen Safety

When it comes to using an aluminum trench box, there are countless benefits. Trench boxes provide a failsafe, ensuring that your employees stay safe and that work continues uninterrupted. They can improve “stand-up time,” which is the amount of time that the trench would remain stable without the assistance of trench boxes or vertical shores. […]

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Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring Pump Can

Shoring Equipment Establishes Safety for Gas Companies

When getting down in the ground, you know that safety is the number one concern for you and your gas company workers, and you can ensure it with the proper shoring equipment. Collapsing is a very real threat when working deep in the ground, and Allen Trench has the tools to make sure that every […]

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Talking Hydraulic Vertical Shores with Chris Allen

We recently uploaded a few new videos about hydraulic vertical shores to our YouTube channel. Committed to ensuring that our customers are fully comfortable with their new trench safety equipment, we are continually looking for ways to educate and inform. Whether we’re writing blog posts about UltraShore trench boxes or we’re creating video walkthroughs, you […]

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Keep Your Workers Safe with UltraShore Trench Boxes

If you’re looking to keep your workers safe, you’ve undoubtedly looked into the advantages of UltraShore trench boxes. Designed by a contractor, for contractors, these trench boxes are rightfully considered the most durable, flexible, and lightweight trench safety products on the market. Constructed from aluminum, two people are able to transport, place, and position them […]

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