UltraShore 4x7 Modified Trench Box with 54 inch Spreaders

Investing in the Right Trench Box Brings Big Savings

Everyone likes to save a little extra money when they can, and, when you invest in a trench box from Allen Trench Safety Corp., you can bring extra savings to your business. Made of specially corrugated aluminum, our trench boxes are the unique shoring products that you can count on. When your construction projects need […]

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Maintain a Proper Work Routine with Hydraulic Trench Shoring

After you’ve dug your trench and are ready to get down in the dirt to work on gas lines, water lines, electrical wiring, etc., you want to make sure you take proper precautions and follow the correct routine with hydraulic trench shoring. Trench shoring helps to ensure that your trench stays safe while you and […]

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Ultra 4x5 stacked with an UltraShore 2x5 with a 60inch End panel

Finish the Last Jobs of Summer with Aluminum Trench Boxes

As we head toward the end of summer, you can bring the safety of aluminum trench boxes to your construction projects with Allen Trench Safety Corp. Summer tends to be the busiest season for construction, and, if you want a safety equipment company who can provide your workers with a great tool to help promote […]

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Build a Better Business with Lightweight Trench Boxes

When starting a new business that requires you and workers to get down in the ground, lightweight trench boxes from Allen Trench Safety can give you the safety and protection you need. Built strong and dependable, the trench boxes from Allen Trench can help you grow your business with long-lasting trench safety products. When you […]

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All-Around Protection with an Aluminum Trench Box

When digging in the ground with your lightweight excavator, it is essential to provide the proper protection, and an aluminum trench box from Allen Trench Safety can give you the protection and peace of mind you and your workers need. Specifically designed to keep workers safe in the ground, our aluminum trench box is perfect […]

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